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Why Do I Miss You So Much? | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Why Do I Miss You So Much?

Why Do I Miss You So Much?
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Here’s my boi Zoe General bringing you a new piece.  Enjoy it and please leave your feedback.


I found myself thinking (“missing”) about this chick a lot lately but I really don’t know why. We haven’t spoke in a years because the way our “relationship” ended. But as of late all I’ve been doing is think about the way her lips & her body use to feel & taste. Her skin was so smooth EVERY TIME I touched it I wanted to f*ck her. Her mouth; omg her mouth, the things she use to do with her tongue… I literally just paused to think about the magnificent artwork she use to do on my body with her tongue. But you see, it was more than the sexual pleasures, that woman actually had me sprung.

As I’m chillin’ with a few close friends of mine, I decided to ask them for their opinions. Like: if I should try to get in contact with her or just let things be the way they are. But after letting them know how I’ve been feeling & listening to their feedbacks, it was clear that I was confused. So I decided to leave my friend’s house and went home.

Driving down i95 south, beautiful weather, good music on blast, and for those who know me personally know I was on my high horse (lol). A song called “The Greatest Sex” by R. Kelly came on and I start missing her and all the beautiful, sexy, & wild things we use to do whenever that song came on. It didn’t matter where we were, we would just crave each other till we both reached our climax.

Then I got home and really started thinking about hitting her up to catch up and see if the feelings are still mutual. Two days later I decided to poke her on facebook only because I didn’t have her number. She poked back (skip the chit chat) we exchanged numbers. I called her on a Friday night to see if we could link up Sunday night; which she accepted after playing hard to get.

Sunday afternoon came, I hit her up to confirm on our “date” everything was still on schedule. We decided to meet up at one of our special spots. I got to the restaurant around 8:30, she was a few mins late; which I didn’t mind because I was real anxious to see her and that amazing body of hers. As she walks towards me, I’m thinking damn! How could I let all that slip away. Pulled out the chair for her, and payed close attention to that ass going down on to sit. She started talking and automatically all my focus went to her juicy lips. After being hypnotized for a couple of mins and regained focus I tried to have a normal conversation but all she wanted to talk about is finding a man to help her with her kids and the bills. I know things are hard on everybody but damn b*tch! it’s our first time seeing each other in a long time and all you wanna talk about is getting a nigga to pay your bills?! That’s when I remembered her gold digging ways was why shit didn’t workout between us. So I rushed through dinner to get the hell out of there and go back to my daily life.

After all that time I finally realized that I’ve only been missing her body and our wonderful sexual adventures and really could care less her because of the way she carries herself. I guess it’s true what they say “good pussy is hard to find. Once you get it, you’ll be sprung”. But only if I could find a strong independent woman with a good head on her shoulders and a bright future ahead who has some real good pussy to go home to.

Oh by the way, I did found that woman a year later.

Have a good & safe weekend folks

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  • MsFlaw

    LOL! That piece was colorful, lol! Loves it!

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