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Web Series: 8×5 16 – Magma | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Web Series: 8×5 16 – Magma

Web Series: 8×5 16 – Magma
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I am introducing all my international subscribers to my web series which i started last year, it’s called “8×5 16″ Punchlines Challenge.  The idea behind the series is to challenge an MC in 5 minutes with 8 words and see how sick of a 16 bars he can write.  The 1st season was pretty fun because i got a chance to meet different guys and test their skills and afterwards decided if i wanted to post their stuff or not.

But for the 2nd season, i flew down to Haiti and met with 10 pre-selected MCs and we filmed the show.  I was extremely happy with the turnout and so i have decided to share it on my personal blog with you, my faithful readers.  You can also visit the site directly at www.8×516.com where you will see last season’s show in the portfolio section.

This is a true story, i was on the @8x516tv twitter account (multiple people runs all of our accounts including @mrprodg) and someone posted that he wanted to see Magma on the show and so ii jokingly said, if you get 10RT i will add you as the 10th contestant to the show.  As the saying goes, it was a joke taken too far, next thing i know my DM was bombarded with messages about being disrespectful yati yati yata etc.  I excused myself and told the boy i was joking and sent Magma a message and told him i would be more than happy to have him participate.  Once he accepted my invitation, we set up a date and time for the meeting and he came through, in the rain, waited for 2 hours because i had a lot of  reporters there to meet up with me (yeah, our press conference was huge) but we finally got it done and ladies and gentleman here is Magma.

Read and Watch:

Pou rap yo te minimize a kounya mvin bal agrandisman\genyen ki tap batay pou mene yo etone le yo we nan dom afiche ak gran 10 lan.Mw la poum fe rap popile kou epidemi malarya\pa etonew pou saw tande mgen talan braind m’se reprezantan ma lari-a.Mw pa gen tan selman ak 8 mo mw la poum fe yon parad\l’habit ne fait pas le moine pa etonew sim diw liriks se idantitem men le li pa rad.Kou marengwen mw pa febli nan dada’w mvle di ke mw tenas.gen inosan ki se pwason pran plezi rantre nan rap yo pat konnen sil te nas.Mw popile kou Cantonna m’asire rap si’w konn tona\pa panse ou ka blom fake mw detekte sa kou sona.Gen neg ki pran plezi se talan rap yo maltrete\pran maladi se youn map few konnen yo mal trete.Sa vle di pa pran plezi komesan pou blo rap paske se li ki komes lan\apre pou di rap se yon vye biznis se yon komes lan.Mw se neg podepe sa vle di mw pa lwen gonaives\pou sa gen fanm ki pansem gen kob yo vini easy mw di yo go naïve.

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