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What is wrong with education? | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

What is wrong with education?

What is wrong with education?
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I feel honored to be writing this blog and for people to be reading. I am not too sure that they are listening.  Since I do get a couple of people who feel like I only write about one particular topic.  My response to them is that you’re just not paying enough attention to what I am write.  You come and visit only when the title is sexually inviting and then you blame me for being one dimensional which I am far from.  I just wished some of you would actually read my pieces on rape, domestic violence, abortion, politics, music, sports, life and many other topics.

Granted, I am a freak and I have a crazy imagination but I am well versed in everything. Whatever topic it is I can cover it.

Now that my rent is over, let me talk about something that is very dear to me.


What is wrong with education?

You see people are trained to repeat whatever the teacher or the curriculum has to offer. That is why we only use ten per cent of our brains.  I believe that modern education is training for slavery. Well in the time of Malcolm X a prisoner could have access to a library and learn a lot of things but today no one is interested in teaching prisoners anything.

Everyone knows that the best way to learn is to have interest but textbooks are written to bore and are inaccessible.  Take a subject like History, it is fascinating but the best bits are missing.  I watched a documentary the other day on the Jacobins during the French Revolution and that they were trying to reduce the population of France because there was unemployment as a result of the upheaval of the unrests. Think about it? How dumb is that? I am going to kill you to stop you being unemployed.

I understand why they do not want us to have real learning skills because we would then think independently.

What are the origins of the word thug? Well should I tell you or save it for a more opportune moment? Here it is there was a secret rite of the goddess Kali in India who used to set ambushes and sacrifice the victim to Kali a mean bloodthirsty goddess. They were called thagas from where the word thug comes from.

I believe some of the people who are promoting thug mentality and the bloods and the Crips are feeding their gods victims.

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  • Duvel

    Education start at home
    Parent should take control and be the roll
    Model: family value teach our children how to love,and respect oneanother; a curriculum is population control it’s a new modern slave technic,I’m not bashing education the system is unjust (1980) history class nothing but lies trust me Been there:

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