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My Woman, His Wife & The Aftermath | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

My Woman, His Wife & The Aftermath

My Woman, His Wife & The Aftermath
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Cover of "Relationships"

Cover of Relationships

I have been working tirelessly for the past month in trying to come up with new things to blog about.  I want to be able to post everyday about different things that will keep my audience entertain.  So I have figured out the best way to do it.  Post everything and anything that I feel like we’ll help you past the time.

So here I was at Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee while reading this book that a very good college friend of mine recommended, “My Woman, His Wife” & “The Aftermath”, and to be quite honest I wish I hadn’t picked up the book.  It read too much like a Jerry Springer episode.  But while sitting there, I was approached by this very well mannered woman and we started talking a bit.  She then asked me about “Relationships” and my “thoughts” on them.  Giving that I didn’t really want to penetrate the topic, I told her that I didn’t know “what a relationship” was and what it constitutes and its ins and outs.  I was simply the wrong man to ask.

See, I could have been a smart ass and give her a politically correct responses she possibly wanted to hear but I wanted to keep it real.  My history is filled with me and women ending things before they get too serious.   My best relationship I had was the last one where I was allowed to come and go as I pleased.  I was still loyal to her, never dated anyone else, no sex outside of the relationship, always stayed in touch via texting or phone.  When a woman asks me, “who am I seeing on the side?” I tell her, “You’re the one I’m seeing on the side”.  Most women wouldn’t understand this behavior; I must be doing something she doesn’t like.  “Don’t be a stranger”……is a comment used by friends and relatives alike. “Keep in Touch”…..is another comment used.

But on the real, what is a relationship? My answer was….a relationship includes sex. If I have to jump through hoops just to get laid by her I won’t do it! Translated in practical terms….By the end of the 3rd date if we’re not getting busy, I’ll seriously be thinking about walking away and most of the time I can tell by the end of the second date. This is based on her interest in me. Not the other way around. Simply put, if my interest in her is HIGH and her interest in me is LOW, I’ll end up with “blue balls”.  So I keep myself “in check” until I find out. If a woman refuses to have sex with me, what can I say or do? No drama is necessary, I’ll just walk away.   And I have….

My female friends talk about this Mars vs. Venus crap to define relationships; I personally don’t give a crap about it.  I don’t believe in this non-sense.  Men and Women are made to COMPLIMENT each other. Not antagonize each other, which seem the case most of the time and the woman I seek COMPLIMENTS me, not antagonize. I recognize I’m weak in certain areas and that’s where she comes in. To strengthen areas where I’m weak and to also give me balance. If I lean too far in one area, she’ll be the counter-balance.  And that’s how I choose a woman.  First, we get along with little effort, second, she compliments me, not antagonizes, third, she’s my counter-balance, fourth, it’s not a one way street.  If a woman understands this….she’ll capture my heart and I’ll never stray!

That is what a relationship is…to me.

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