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Where’s the love? | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Where’s the love?

Where’s the love?
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I feel good about how things are… I awake this morning in great spirits. It’s amazing to me how the things that are the most practical produce the most astonishing results if we only knew how to believe less in outside sources and more in inner strength, peace, and love.

Who am I? Am I defined by the job title given to me by another man’s company? Am I those racial expletives that many ignorant people continue to cling to in reference to the color of my skin? Am I truly a no, good, lying, cheating dog as some women choose to exclaim, and generalize due to their past experiences with a man who resembled me? Am I that man? Am I a reflection of the dope man on the corner, the pimp, the thug, and the convict? Am I the American Dream? How must the American Dream be redefined to suit the needs of each individual?

The game of life seems to be a copycat league… It’s funny how we unite when it comes to the most irrelevant things…. Fashion, music, partying and bulls*it, etc… But why can’t we unite when it matters most? When it comes to family, community service and safety, relationships/marriage, economics, etc…

We tend to drift away….

Where’s the love? Why do we watch the hate?


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  • Privacy

    unite in fashion, music, partying, since when???

    bullshit yes cause it stinks duh!!! lol we can all unite/agree on that much! well unless we have anosmia, thus I take it back.

    Life sucks, the end! ENJOY!

  • Nem

    I love the words of truth!
    It’s a game of separation.
    “They” create a false perception of who we are and we believe them.
    “Don’t believe the Hype”

  • locs

    If that was even remotely possible we’d have world peace. Accept it and move on.

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