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Who would CHOOSE to be gay? | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Who would CHOOSE to be gay?

Who would CHOOSE to be gay?
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Ahhhhh…..I thought that, finally, there would be some conclusive evidence giving new life and legs to the debate of whether homosexuals are, without a shadow of a doubt, born *that* way. What I get is a story that leaves nothing of substance or support to the question posed.

What to respond to….that is the question. Ok. I feel sorry for the woman this heinous crime was visited upon. Hopefully, this will not break her spirit, and in time, I do hope she can live a life free from fear, terror and prejudice.

To respond to the question: Who chooses to be gay? Obviously homosexuals. Just like me as a heterosexual chooses to be straight. But, I can play the game.

Any and all sexual desires are preferences. Some of which are non-negotiable, especially under “normal” circumstances. Which means, especially here in America, the right to *choose* any particular lifestyle we so *choose* to carve out for ourselves.

I realize people tend to lean towards the whole “born that way” theory because it shows openness and compassion. But to ask the question about who would choose to be that way shows in itself that something is wrong, not right, unnatural, wholly unappealing and/or flawed about the entire situation. And depending on the angle of the argument, it could any one or all of these.

Why wasn’t the question posed, “Why not choose to be gay?”

Because then you’d have the truth emerge. Which is to say that you’d have heterosexuals simply and honestly saying they don’t *choose* to do that. So, why the semantics and hair splitting with homosexuals?  What I do know, and science has yet to conclusively pinpoint, is that no one is simply born gay.

I knew at 3 yrs. old that I was attracted to females, without even really knowing what it meant. I firmly believe that in all things we are products of our own separate, unique environments. I believe that in terms of sexuality, if it’s not one thing, it’s a series of events, established “norms,” curiosity, continued exploration, possible abuse and/or abandonment that lead us to pursue the preference we will later try on or discard, and eventually embrace.

Just like how I knew at 3, my cousin knew at about the same age when he found his dad’s stash of porno’s that he liked watching men having sex, and eventually kept pursuing what turned him on. It’s the same as me, same as everybody else.

To give credence to the argument that one is simply, or even, born this way, you’re going to have to include people we label pedophiles and serial killers under that same umbrella.

I mean….seriously…….who really chooses to be that way?

Who wants to live a life filled with unnatural, internal struggles and societal pressure to conform with judgment and banishment if we don‘t?   Who’s to say that maybe one day these people won’t try to appeal for more compassion and tolerance the same way this homosexual saga is being played out?

If we are already born as the people we will recognize in the mirror one day, why is one aspect of our character more acceptable than the other?

The only reason I use the word “unnatural” in reference to homosexuality is because we all know we cannot depend on homosexuals to continue life. They can nurture and cultivate what’s given, but between two same sex beings life cannot be created.

And for the blowhards who deny the Bible, science has and will continue to tell you, that without *artificial* or secondary intervention, human life as we know would become extinct without the coming together of man (sperm) and woman (egg).

The story involving the pregnant “man” was huge for the simple fact that it was unusual, unnatural, and highly inconceivable to see a pregnant “man” gives birth.

But once those layers were peeled back, was it not revealed that “he” was actually a she?

In life there is not one without the other……..it just doesn’t exist.

This is not to paint myself as a bigot, because I’m not. But in the spirit of solidarity and tolerance, it’s easy to “conveniently” forget the simple truths and facts and just take what someone says at face value because they don’t know how to justify a personal and private choice, while wanting public acceptance and acknowledgment.

That, above all else, is misleading and inappropriate.

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  • Claudia C

    Your pov is appreciated. :)

  • Sha

    If anything, I think your story about your toddler-self knowing your preference just as your cousin knew his shows that many people ARE born with their pre-set preferences. Even if he had never found those magazines or if his father beat him ’til he started going out with girls it wouldn’t change his desire for those of the same sex, just hide it. It’s true homosexuals cannot re-create without outside help, but to presume your belief is their truth is a bit arrogant.

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