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Can I get a witness

Can I get a witness
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Can I get a witness your honor for the atrocities committed against Afrikaans people, for rape, torture and murder for the north Atlantic terrorist organization bombing other people’s country, for United Nations peacekeepers raping women and children in my homeland of Haiti?

Can I get a witness for the unscrupulous acts of Jesuits and missionaries who raped children
in Haiti, for brasher and his counterparts from the theocratic regime of the Middle East oppressing the dark Afrikaans of southern Sudan?

I am bringing the west to trial your honor for the so called black churches, where pastors and deacons have sex with the devotees and homosexual pastors and preachers hide under the veil of hypocrisy.

Can I get a witness your honor for the thousands of women who were raped during the Islamic slave trade and the young boys who were castrated to become eunuchs while farrakon embezzling tons of money in the name of the demi-god, demon god Allah for the nation of impostors being responsible for the murder of Malcolm x and Khalid Muhammad.

Can I get a witness for TD Jakes being a con artist and for the mega churches in America selling hope and salvation?

Can I get a witness your honor for the apartheid regime in South Africa? Can I decapitate the head of those European pedophiles who goes to Kenya, Senegal and Haiti your honor, since they get diplomatic immunity?

Can we get a witness!?

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  • signifigant1

    Just a sad situation…interesting piece this morning!

  • krakrakra

    Yes, I can be your witness, I can be a bystander of hearsay! Great piece.

  • jamie

    Its a sad situation indeed…Where pple use’s the Lord’s name and His power( or whatever religion, for that matter) for their selfish priorities. There are pple all over the world that speaks of God’s love and goodness and the Christian faith…for Good. Millions, everywhere, every corner. Then there are those who uses His name to their own advantage and its that that makes the headline news..sad, but true. I wanna say I cant judge those pple, but im only human filled with emotions…so I will. They are the scum of the earth that gets millions of lost souls not being able to get saved and brought to Christ because of confusion. That is why i follow no man, or praise no Man…Just God and his Word.

    there was a link on facebook the other day where this con artist Pastor was giving out ” Miracle Water” that would heal any and every ailment you may have( physical, mental and financial” He was using this in Jesus Christ name and last yr he made 1.2 million dollars off of this bull! Couple weeks ago, they talked about Bishop Eddie Long, who has been allegedly molesting and having sex with men. He has a Homosexual to Heterosexual program in his church…one of the most recognized religious homophobs. You dont follow them as the “Saint” You only keep your eye on the Cross.

  • jamie

    Oh, I can def be your Witness! lol

  • SM

    Preach! You definitely have many witnesses on the aforementioned atrocities.

  • corhinnshow

    This kind of hits home for me…it reminds me too much of personal experiences but I appreciate the fact you can put such taboo subject out there. Especially for the children of Haiti…Only Lord knows what they go through..

  • Emann Joasil

    Yes, you are given a witness, and his name is Emann Joasil. This is straight shooting words, bro. lol

    Those are not some simple words. You put it out there raw for the chefs to BBQ before they chew it. lol :-D

  • drachoim

    Unfortunately that’s just the hand some are dealt.

  • lynnaima

    you’ve gotten a bunch et alors? Tu ne dis rien apres? ben bon la!!! lol

  • Alexandra D

    I know your haters list is going each. Keep up the work when something different than what we are use to

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