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Wyclef Jean – New Song

Wyclef Jean – New Song
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Alyson Hau and Wyclef Jean

Jean Jeannel Wyclef – File Rejected
Jean Jeannel Wyclef – File Rejected
I am contesting, I am going to the court, I am contesting.
I don’t agree, I am contesting, I am going to the court, I am contesting.
Look, they gave Wyclef a report card.
They say Wyclef you don’t speak creole.
You are the diaspora’s candidate.
Even my own haitian curse me out on facebook when they hear I want to be president.
Even my friends, say to give Wyclef a report card.
Even the catholic priests are surprised, they told me to leave Tigoav, come to Les Cayes.
All weekend I was celebrating Our Lady.
I took a report card,
Port-Salut took a report card.
the kids cried.
Some militants say it’s a deal that I made with Preval.
I didn’t make a deal with Preval.
It’s President who asked to see a candidate
I could not refuse.
I said that i was going back to La Serre.
When I arrived, he offered me coffee.
He wanted to assured my friendship
He said: You are a good candidate.
He put me on the phone with Jude Celestin.
We had a very good convo.
After that Preval fucking gave me a report card.
Even tho you say it is the Electoral Council, I know you have all the cards.
I voted for you in 2006, why today you took out my candidacy.
It’s not Wyclef you gave a report card. It’s the youth that you gave a report card.
It’s not Wyclef you gave a report card. It’s the population that you gave a report card.
It’s not Wyclef you gave a report card. It’s the guy that sells “dous makos” that you gave a report card.
It’s not Wyclef you gave a report card. It’s the countrymen that you gave a report card.
Look they gave Wyclef a report card
They are some who say that I went to get a “dot” at Saut-d’eau.
I only went to take a bath in the water.
If I went to get a “dot”, maybe they wouldn’t give me a report card.
K EP gave me a report card.
Do not forget my father was a minister.
The God who is with me is stronger then Lucifer.
This KEP (electoral council) is headed by Lucifer.
Look the Satans gave me a report card.
God’s children doesn’t take report card.
Non Non
Face to Face, Youth support Youth, let’s look forward, we want education for everybody so we can reach.
In all the schools we want to reach
In the universities
in the youth sector
In the farmers sector
We are not gonna let them step on our rights
We have to reach
and We have to reach
Red handkerchief, black handkerchief
Red and blue, all the same
My sweetheart is Haiti, do not break her heart.
Before I got to sleep I always read a psaume, asking Ozana to take the people out from under the rubbles
And send Angel Gabriel to protect the women under the tents that they are raping.
Wyclef Jean, truthfully, I will continue on contesting the electoral council
We have to mobilized
I wont give up.
Face to Face
No more lie

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  • Maguie

    I’ve heard the song I thought it wasn’t true however I think he can say whatever he wants and it’s true that some of people said bad things about him. My question is: since when Haiti follow rules? Anyway, I think if they want to start now it’s ok but they need to respect it. Rules is rules may the best win and my God change the win’s heart so they won’t be selfish and really provide all the help Ayiti need or at least they can do the basic things like educate everyone and really prepare Haiti for a better future. :)

  • krakrakra

    TWIP….I do not support Wyclef at all! Haitians, get it through your thick skull, one must be posses the knowledge and skills learnt through higher education better known as college, and international relationship skills learnt at bottom(senator, judge) level befor one can fully apply or qualify for the head of chief job.

    Give me a break and he needs to stop being a brat…good grief! A leader is someone who respect the law, lead others to do things they never thought they would have done. You do not need to be prez, crying like a brat to accomplish these goals.


  • Eksqwizit

    ouch! now he is making a mockery of himself and this whole process!!! geezzz!

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