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Zoe General: The Transition | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Zoe General: The Transition

Zoe General: The Transition
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Another guest piece on the blog from the hommie Zoe General.  Enjoy it and stay on the look out for a couple of collabs.


If you cool with being taken down and given up, your lifestyle’s a blowjob, the way you living sucks!


I remember the days I use to make at least $4,000/month. Living the good life and I literally didn’t care much for bills till I was introduce to Recession which led me to having a serious meeting with bills and more bills.

My head be ready to explode sometimes cuz I think too much about bills to the point I say fuck everything n just give up… Instead I light up my essence  and start meditating, then start thinking about the positive and negative; mostly positive.

Positive: God, fam, and the small circle (fam/friends) that I have.

• Negative: bills! Now see how 1 thing outweigh all the goods I have? Smh… It’s not that it outweighs them… I’m just lacking faith. Yep I said it. But you see that’s the beauty of it, bills are not making my faith stronger, my faith is getting stronger cuz I’ve been getting closer to God. I once heard  “You won’t know that God is all you need till God is all you have left”. I ain’t tryna preach to you I’m just tryna tell you a lil something bout me and where I’ve been and where I’m bout to go! Ya dig?…

Giving me up is never & never will be an option cuz my faith is building everyday + I’m too strong to give up. I know there r a lot  bumps on the road to paradise but I’m ready & willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Being a hustler is in my blood so I know how to turn a dollar into few hundred thousands; shit, why not millions while we’re at it.

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